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BLN Featured Authors

BLN Featured Authors

Author Clifford Thompson

Clifford Thompson, the former editor of Current Biography, has published essays and reviews in journals including The Threepenny Review, The Iowa Review, Black Issues Book Review, and Film Quarterly. He is also a painter (see his work on the cover of Love for Sale.) He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and daughters. You can see some of his writings and paintings on his blog,, or contact him at









Love for Sale and Other Essays

Clifford Thompson’s book Love for Sale and Other Essays won the Autumn House Press nonfiction prize. The book contains personal essays as well as musings on race and the general problem of being human; it also covers the work of artists — most of them black — in literature, jazz, film, and more. Most importantly, it revels in the connections the author finds among different art forms. Readers will discover what Zadie Smith has in common with Clint Eastwood, how Charles Mingus is like Robert Altman, why Coleman Hawkins has kinship with Thomas Hardy.

Love for Sale has back-cover blurbs from Phillip Lopate, Stanley Crouch, and Wendy Lesser. Mr. Lopate wrote, “With this selection, [Thompson] vaults to the front ranks of essayists of his generation.”



 Author Alexis Cherie Norwood
Alexis Cherie Norwood hails from Chicago, Illinois. She started her writing career about ten years ago. She is an urban fiction writer and a reading fanatic. She spends the majority of her time writing and promoting her work. You can contact Alexis at


Bittersweet: Diary of a Safegirl

Bittersweet: Diary of a Safegirl
Take a trip with Alexis "Cherie" Norwood in her debut novel as she walks you through the life of Marie Aili b.k.a. Bittersweet from Chicago, Illinois. Marie is an honor student in high school with aspirations to go to college. However, she has her own problems with her mentally ill mother, aging grandfather, and a selfish aunt. Her life changes when she meets up with a young hustler named Keshawn who decides Marie is the one person in the world he loves and trusts. Keshawn is a street smart hustler that has his own problems with his mother forcing him into the game, the dangers that he encounters in the streets, and the people around him that he trusts less and less each day. After meeting Marie, he decides he wants to get out of the game so he enlists the help of Marie and her family, and asks Marie to become his safe girl. Although, Marie doesn't know what this entails she agrees to help Keshawn. This decision will flip Marie's reality upside down and catapult her into a life that she is not prepared to enter. Keshawn tries to protect Marie from the consequences of street life, but that is a promise that he can't really keep. Will Keshawn and Marie end up together or will they succumb to the pressures of the game that threaten to tear them apart?



Author Tiffany A. Flowers
Tiffany A. Flowers is an author, college instructor, philanthropist, and literacy advocate. She is the author of various books for children that include For those who stare at the moon, Patterns are everywhere: An Upside Down Pattern Book, and the Rooftop Club. You can find out more about this author by viewing her blog at

Sage Advice for the Indie Children's Author


Sage Advice for the Indie Children’s Author
This guide was written to assist budding indie children’s writers with their decision to become writers. This book provides practical advice from an Indie children’s author on how to select an illustrator, tips on how to market books, plan a book party, plan a book signings, and get others to support your work.

The chapters in this guide include:
Chapter one – So, you want to be an author? Really?
Chapter two – To go Indie or to not go Indie
Chapter three – Finding an Illustrator
Chapter four – Marketing 101
Chapter five - Planning your book party
Chapter six – Where do I do book signings?
Chapter seven - Getting others to support your work
This book is recommended for anyone thinking of writing a children’s book, starting a children’s book company or newly published children’s authors that need assistance marketing their work.



Author Destiny Gates
Destiny Gates is from Chicago, Illinois. She is a Tweenie and Young Adult author that tackles tough subjects for young people. There are many nuances that the tween and teen population deal with while they are growing up. Helping these young people deal with their issues is this author's mission. You can contact Destiny Gates by email at Please check out her releases wherever e-books are sold.


The Tweenie Girls Hygiene Handbook

The Tweenie Girls Hygiene Handbook
This EGuide is for girls ages ten through thirteen that are becoming teenagers. This book was written to help little girls that need to understand what is happening to their bodies and how to take care of themselves. This book should be read with an adult, because this book includes proper names for body parts.



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